May 14th Meet-Up and Drive

For our May 14th event, depending on numbers, we are planning to have lunch at either Ocean Terminal or in or around Hopewell Centre where there is ample parking.

After lunch, weather permitting, we will drive in groups up to the Jockey Club's Beas River Country Club in Sheung Shui for a leisurely afternoon / evening for tea and stroll through the extensive grounds.

Sign-up online here:

Citing what's Creditable and Authoritative

In order to support Mark's RTHK 3 interview, here's a mini-research I did this morning. Short, but I only cite what's creditable and authoritative. More information in the caption of each photo.

RTHK Radio 3 Backchat 2016-04-18

Mark Webb-Johnson, Chairman, Charged Hong Kong, was a guest on this morning's RTHK Radio 3 Backchat radio program. Talking about EVs, the need for government incentives, environmental protection and our air quality.

Of particular focus was the recent report from Investment research firm Bernstein with the ridiculous allegation that EVs pollute more than petrol vehicles.

The report's author (Dr Neil Beveridge) is a 19+ year veteran of the oil and gas industry, holding an investment position in oil and gas stocks. He is hardly an independent authority. Let's try to avoid getting our environmental advice from an oil and gas investor. We'd rather listen to the dozens of academic papers from credible universities and private sector researchers, the environmental protection agencies around the world, and governments - all of whom are promoting and encouraging the switch to electric vehicles.

Charged Hong Kong Members' Stories #007 -- Mr. Mark Webb-Johnson

Mark with the Bond girls at the Electric Vehicle Fiesta 2015

Mark Webb-Johnson, arguably Hong Kong's most notable spokesperson for EVs. He has appeared frequently on the media since the very first EV set wheels on Hong Kong soil. The Number 1 go-to person to ask anything about EVs, moderator of Tesla Motor Club forums and now the heart and spine of Charged Hong Kong. He's our guest of Charged Hong Kong Members' Stories #007, he's our James Bond, and he's the Charged Hong Kong chairman.

Here's our interview below:

Charged Hong Kong Members' Stories #006 -- Mr. Eric Tang

Eric with his Tesla Model S

In Charged Hong Kong, everyone aims to contribute to a better future of Hong Kong. Some takes a more public approach, others work hard behind the scene. Member Mr. Eric Tang does both.

In this issue of Charged Hong Kong Members' Stories #006, he will share with us the motivation behind his SCMP story as well as suggestions for the Hong Kong Government to improve on the situation at car parks.

Here's our interview below:

Charged Hong Kong member Sonny Chen Shares his Story

Charged Hong Kong Associate member Sonny Chen shares his stories of owning two generations of Tesla EVs.#Chargedhongkong #EV #HongKong #EVangelist

Posted by Charged Hong Kong on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Stanley Plaza Is Back on The Link EV Pass Participating Car Park List

Charged Hong Kong Members' Stories #005 -- Mr. Alex Wai

Alex Wai with his Tesla Model S

Alex Wai, a name known to many globally, yet we know so little of him, he tells EV stories of Asia to tens of thousands, yet almost none has told stories of him - he's an international man of mystery, he's the journalist of InsideEVs and he's our guest for today's issue of Charged Hong Kong Members' Stories #005!

Here's our interview below:

Charged Hong Kong Members' Stories #004 -- Mr. Desmond Wong

Desmond with his Tesla Model S 70

It takes a lot of enthusiasm to be socialising with and answering questions from hundreds of EV owners on multiple instant messenger apps.  Charged Hong Kong Members' Stories #004 has Mr. Desmond Wong, a "non-Rich Man" who owns a "not-a-toy" Tesla Model S.

Here's our interview below:

Charged Hong Kong on Forbes for the 3rd time

After Charged Hong Kong has debuted on Forbes in Jan 2016 and made second appearance in Mar 2016, Forbes journalist John...

Posted by Charged Hong Kong on Saturday, 2 April 2016


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