Apple Daily Article on EVs in Hong Kong

Charged.HK has a Chinese language article published in Apple Daily, regarding Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong:

Shenzhen to use 100% electric buses by end of 2017

Shenzhen’s fleet of buses will be 100 percent electric by the end of 2017. There are already some 14,000 electric buses on the streets of Shenzhen, with only a few hundred diesel-powered stragglers left in commission, which will be phased out over the coming months. Of the three bus companies, Shenzhen Bus Group (SBG) completed the switch this past June (beating the deadline by more than a year), with Shenzhen Eastern Bus Company and Shenzhen Western Bus Company on track to do their part.

And to follow up on this success, Shenzhen is taking on its next challenge: an all-electric taxi fleet; with a goal of 100% electrification of Taxis by 2020.

So what is it that makes Hong Kong so different? Why is it that all we hear are excuses and reasons why we cannot, while Shenzhen's government, transportation companies, and people, just get on and do it?

Stoner Car Care Clinic

Charged HK/Stoner/Invisible Glass Care Clinic, at the beautiful and exclusive Clearwater Bay Country Club Marina.

Learn the easy tips to keep your electric vehicle looking spectacular. The Stoner Car care team will teach you how to wash, clean and protect your ride. A car wash/station will be set up and free demos will be made showing all the steps for easy and professional car care.

Cost (to cover catering): HK$218/person for founder/ordinary members and their guests, HK$268/person for others.

Stoner will give each participant a HK$85 coupon off any purchase of over HK$200. (They even have Posh Pile car mats for Tesla’s!)

Product will be available with expert advice on their use.

We will have a California-inspired catered menu, including:

• Open air freshly baked pizza margherita
• Tex Mex beef chilli
• US corn on the cob
• Mini burgers
• Mini hot dogs
• Crispy tortilla chips

(Beer and wine will be available from the shop).

When: November 12th, 2017 11:00 AM through 2:30 PM
Location: Marina, Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, Hong Kong



特區政府早於2011年便為電動車普及化和相關充電設施訂下兩大目標:(一) 2020年有30%私家車屬電動車輛或混合動力車輛;(二) 新落成建築物有30%的私家車泊車位,可以提供相關充電設施。距離2020年不足3年,政府兩大目標的「走數」機會越來越高。


Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's Chief Executive, positive comments on EVs

In a recent RTHK interview, concerning her first policy address, our chief executive Carrie Lam made the following positive comments regarding EVs in Hong Kong:

"Electric vehicles is something that we will have to look at seriously, especially after this year's budget initiative to withdraw some of the concessions. A lot of people have lobbied me that this seems a bit contradictory to your push for more EVs in Hong Kong. (interviewer: so you have some sympathy for those complaints). I have some sympathy because in many countries they are not taking a gradual approach to move to EVs, they are taking what I regard as a bold approach, announcing that by a certain year there will be no more diesel or petrol vehicles on the roads. Whether we could go that far, I don't know, but certainly it is something that we need to tackle. (interviewer: the Ombudsman has just launched an investigation, is this an area you need to look at again?). Oh, definitely. Definitely. Definitely."

Submission for the Public Consultation for the Policy Address and 2018-19 Budget

As the situation with the air quality of Hong Kong continues to deteriorate, and Hong Kong continues to lose out to competing countries such as Singapore in surveys and opinion polls on this subject, we urge the Hong Kong SAR Government to increase efforts in this respect. According to the Hedley Index, in 2016 there were 1,686 premature deaths, 113,000 hospital bed days and 2.6 million doctor visits caused by air pollution. Total economic loss was HK$21 billion.

We have the following suggestions for the 2018-2019 budget and policy address:

1] First Registration Tax Concessions

Purchasers of Electric Vehicles (“EVs”) in Hong Kong used to enjoy a 100% exemption for First Registration Tax of new vehicles. In the 2017/2018 budget, the Financial Secretary announced a cap on this exemption for private cars at HK$97,500 - effectively making only the first HK$200,000 of an electric private car purchase, tax free. Since the cap came into effect, new sales of EVs have dropped to near zero, and show no signs of recovery. Prior to this policy change, recent years had seen a dramatic increase in the number of Electric Vehicles on our roads; purchasers have simply switched back to polluting petrol/diesel vehicles.

CLP Upgrades Electric Vehicle Fleet with New Long-Range Models and Expands Quick Charging Network

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) has recently added 15 new electric vehicles (EVs) to its company fleet, enhancing its efforts in the movement for a greener, smarter Hong Kong. The new vehicles are the first of their kind in a Hong Kong corporate fleet and are capable of travelling as far as 400 km when fully charged. CLP Power has also opened a new multi-standard EV quick charger at the Ocean Terminal car park in Tsim Sha Tsui to cater to the public’s growing demand for green motoring.

The new e-saloons will be used in daily operations and will replace retiring vehicles in the CLP Power fleet. Running solely on electric power, the silent, zero-emission EVs will contribute to better air quality in Hong Kong. The extended driving range of the new EVs will save more in fuel costs.

CLP Power first introduced EVs to its company fleet in 1984 and now has more than 100 EVs, ranging from private saloons and minibuses to light and medium goods vehicles and coaches.

Another important element of CLP Power’s support for green motoring is its network of 48 EV charging stations with 149 charging points in Kowloon, the New Territories, and Lantau. The company has extended its free charging service for EV drivers until the end of 2017.

The latest multi-standard EV quick charger at Ocean Terminal car park, which opened for public use in September 2017, is the first of its kind installed by CLP Power in a shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui.

RTHK Backchat - 13th September 2017

"On Wednesday's Backchat, are petrol driven cars on the way out? Governments and manufacturers around the world are moving fast towards a future with only electric or hybrid vehicles. Many states in America simply want to ban the sale of petrol eventually. In Norway already a quarter of cars are powered by electricity generated from hydropower. Is the internal combustion engine really doomed? What will a future of electric cars look like? Where will the energy come from, and the raw materials? How will they charge, and how is Hong Kong faring?"

Charged Hong Kong's chairman, Mark Webb-Johnson, joined the panel to help drive this important discussion.

Listen here:

Cars and Coffee - 2nd September 2017

There is a long tradition of Cars and Coffee, and we thought it a good idea to combine that with the Hong Kong tradition of a Sunday morning drive. An opportunity to get together over breakfast / coffee and talk about electric vehicles and what can do for the environment and air quality here. We hold these events on a monthly basis.

The next event will be Saturday 2nd September 2017 at Starbucks (Shop S001), Science Park. We'll be there between 10am and 11:30am - feel free to come early/late, whichever is more convenient.There is plenty of parking at Science Park, Superchargers, and they have an EV parking concession:

This is very informal. Come if you can. But, we would appreciate you letting us know if you can come via eMail to

Cars and Coffee - August 2017

As there are so many people away on their summer holidays, we have decided to skip this month's cars and coffee meet-up. We'll resume the monthly meet-ups in September.


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