Annual General Meeting 2018-07-12

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the annual general meeting of Charged Hong Kong will be held at the office of Network Box Co., Ltd, 16/F Metro Loft, 38 Kwai Hei Street, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, on Thursday 12th July 2018 at 7:15 pm.

Snack food will be provided to voting members attending. Public parking is available in the outdoor car park opposite the venue.

If you will be attending in person, we ask that you RSVP to before 10th July, so that we can ensure adequate seating.

By Order of the Executive Committee
Charged Hong Kong
Mark Webb-Johnson, Chairman

Hong Kong, 27th June 2018

Cars and Coffee - 15th April 2018

There is a long tradition of Cars and Coffee, and we thought it a good idea to combine that with the Hong Kong tradition of a Sunday morning drive. An opportunity to get together over breakfast / coffee and talk about electric vehicles and what can do for the environment and air quality here.

The next event will be Sunday 15th April 2018 at Classified, 1-9 Lin Fa Kung Street West, Tai Hang. We'll be there between 10am and 11:30am - feel free to come early/late, whichever is more convenient. There is some on-street parking nearby, but it is limited.

This is very informal. Come if you can. But, we would appreciate you letting us know if you can come via eMail to

Petition: Demand for Amending the "1-for-1 Replacement" Scheme for private electric vehicles

The government’s proposed 1-for-1 EV scheme showed promise, but the detailed terms are much more restrictive than they need to be, and needlessly limit those eligible to join. Changing the scheme is not feasible at this stage, so Charged.HK has been lobbying for a relaxation of the restrictions, which may be possible.

A group we have been working with (the HK Vehicle and Transport Concern Group) have launched an online petition to ask for government to address this. We encourage all to lend your support to this initiative, and sign the petition.

要求修訂電動車「一換一」計劃 網上聯署行動
Demand for Amending the "1-for-1 Replacement" Scheme for private electric vehicles

電動香港 公佈「電動車發展政策」民意調查結果

逾八成人支持電動車普及化 促政府考慮「一換一」方案

(香港,2018年2月1日) 自從特區政府在去年的財政預算案大幅調整稅務寬減優惠後,本地電動車發展受到嚴重打擊。電動香港上月初委託香港大學民意研究計劃進行一項有關電動車政策的民意調查,了解市民對電動車發展的意見,結果顯示81.1%受訪者支持電動私家車在港普及化,同時有74.5%人對現時政府推動電動車的成效感到不滿。





電動香港主席Mark Webb-Johnson表示,自2014年起,本港電動車數目逐步增長,至現時有逾萬輛電動私家車。但政府去年削減稅務優惠,變相令車價增加近50%,新登記電動私家車數目較去年同期大跌95%,不少市民因而轉買燃油車。

隨著愈來愈多電動車品牌投入市場,駕駛人士可望有更多選擇,Mark Webb-Johnson期望政府可作政策配合,包括上調電動私家車首次登記稅寬免額、 推出電動車「一換一」免稅方案,以及增加及提升公共充電設施等。




Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

Dear Mrs Lam,

I am sure that you are aware of the situation with the poor air quality in Hong Kong, and in particular our roadside air quality. This is affecting the quality of life of everyone in Hong Kong. It is impacting our health, and the competitiveness of HK in the region. According to HKU School of Public Health, in 2016 our poor air quality resulted in 1,600 premature deaths, 2.6 million doctors visits, and $21.6billion direct economic loss. 2017 looked similarly bad. It is clear that the worst of the pollution is at the roadside and in the lowest floors of our buildings; and this affects the lowest privileged members of our community the most.

Governments, and Environmental Protection Agencies, around the world all conclude that electrification of transport is the correct approach to address this problem, as well as help meet CO2 emission targets.

Here in HK, we were finally making good progress. Since 2014, we have grown our fleet of Electric Vehicles (EVs) from a handful to more than 10,000; without affecting the growth rate of the private car fleet. However, in April last year’s budget the previous administration significantly capped the tax incentives for EVs; increasing the price of most by 50%, and making HK amongst the most expensive places in the world to buy an EV.

Charged HK Booth at Motoring Clubs Festival, Sunday 4 February 2018

The “Motoring Clubs’ Festival” aims to bring ALL of Hong Kong's motoring enthusiasts together in Central for a day's entertainment. The Carnival-style Event provides an opportunity for folks to see 200+ unique cars and 300+ special motorcycles together in one location, and includes Classic cars, many of the latest Models, Dirt Bikes, vehicles used by the Police, Track Race cars, Electric Vehicles, etc.

This is your chance to see up close - a Tesla chassis/skateboard, Sinclair C5, Tesla Roadster and Hotel ICON’s electric bus (all on the Charged HK stand), as well as many other vintage motors on display at the festival.

Visit our booth at the Motoring Clubs Festival at Central and stand a chance to win a Weekend Brunch Dining Voucher from Hotel ICON valued at HK$800. At Hotel ICON, Tesla car owners are entitled to free charging and 15% discount*. Hotel ICON led the industry two years ago by switching to 100% electric transportation with their e-shuttle buses and Tesla airport transfers.

*Discount cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer.

Stubborn roadside pollutant on rise again in Hong Kong

SCMP writes "Concentrations of a stubborn roadside pollutant intensified in Hong Kong last year, reversing three years of decline and casting doubt on the government’s ability to meet its air quality targets for 2020. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels were serious enough in western parts of the city that unsafe measurements were observed inside homes and even buses, the environmental group Clean Air Network found. The group’s latest review of the city’s air showed average annual NO2 concentrations measured at the government’s three roadside air quality monitoring stations had risen from about 82 micrograms per cubic metre of air in 2016 to 85mcg last year."

Hong Kong urgently needs to increase the number of roadside monitoring stations. We need to step up adhoc monitoring in low floor apartments, and public transportation. Burying our heads in the sand is not going to make the problem go away.

Apple Daily Article on EVs in Hong Kong

Charged.HK has a Chinese language article published in Apple Daily, regarding Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong:

Shenzhen to use 100% electric buses by end of 2017

Shenzhen’s fleet of buses will be 100 percent electric by the end of 2017. There are already some 14,000 electric buses on the streets of Shenzhen, with only a few hundred diesel-powered stragglers left in commission, which will be phased out over the coming months. Of the three bus companies, Shenzhen Bus Group (SBG) completed the switch this past June (beating the deadline by more than a year), with Shenzhen Eastern Bus Company and Shenzhen Western Bus Company on track to do their part.

And to follow up on this success, Shenzhen is taking on its next challenge: an all-electric taxi fleet; with a goal of 100% electrification of Taxis by 2020.

So what is it that makes Hong Kong so different? Why is it that all we hear are excuses and reasons why we cannot, while Shenzhen's government, transportation companies, and people, just get on and do it?

Stoner Car Care Clinic

Charged HK/Stoner/Invisible Glass Care Clinic, at the beautiful and exclusive Clearwater Bay Country Club Marina.

Learn the easy tips to keep your electric vehicle looking spectacular. The Stoner Car care team will teach you how to wash, clean and protect your ride. A car wash/station will be set up and free demos will be made showing all the steps for easy and professional car care.

Cost (to cover catering): HK$218/person for founder/ordinary members and their guests, HK$268/person for others.

Stoner will give each participant a HK$85 coupon off any purchase of over HK$200. (They even have Posh Pile car mats for Tesla’s!)

Product will be available with expert advice on their use.

We will have a California-inspired catered menu, including:

• Open air freshly baked pizza margherita
• Tex Mex beef chilli
• US corn on the cob
• Mini burgers
• Mini hot dogs
• Crispy tortilla chips

(Beer and wine will be available from the shop).

When: November 12th, 2017 11:00 AM through 2:30 PM
Location: Marina, Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, Hong Kong


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