Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's Chief Executive, positive comments on EVs

In a recent RTHK interview, concerning her first policy address, our chief executive Carrie Lam made the following positive comments regarding EVs in Hong Kong:

"Electric vehicles is something that we will have to look at seriously, especially after this year's budget initiative to withdraw some of the concessions. A lot of people have lobbied me that this seems a bit contradictory to your push for more EVs in Hong Kong. (interviewer: so you have some sympathy for those complaints). I have some sympathy because in many countries they are not taking a gradual approach to move to EVs, they are taking what I regard as a bold approach, announcing that by a certain year there will be no more diesel or petrol vehicles on the roads. Whether we could go that far, I don't know, but certainly it is something that we need to tackle. (interviewer: the Ombudsman has just launched an investigation, is this an area you need to look at again?). Oh, definitely. Definitely. Definitely."

Charged Hong Kong is gratified to hear that our Chief Executive is at least aware of the issue, listening to what we and others are saying, and recognises the problem. We hope that she will lead this policy forward, and enact real support in the upcoming 2018/2019 budget. Not just for the hot topic issues of incentives/concessions and a clear timeline (The #1 and #2 items in Charged Hong Kong's policy address submission), but also real action to address the home, workplace and public charging problem.
43:40 onwards