Petition: Demand for Amending the "1-for-1 Replacement" Scheme for private electric vehicles

The government’s proposed 1-for-1 EV scheme showed promise, but the detailed terms are much more restrictive than they need to be, and needlessly limit those eligible to join. Changing the scheme is not feasible at this stage, so Charged.HK has been lobbying for a relaxation of the restrictions, which may be possible.

A group we have been working with (the HK Vehicle and Transport Concern Group) have launched an online petition to ask for government to address this. We encourage all to lend your support to this initiative, and sign the petition.

要求修訂電動車「一換一」計劃 網上聯署行動
Demand for Amending the "1-for-1 Replacement" Scheme for private electric vehicles

The 2018/19 Budget has proposed the “One-for-One Replacement” Scheme (“the Scheme”) for private electric vehicles (EV). However, the scheme imposes too many restrictions and tough requirements, e.g. car owners are not eligible to join the Scheme in the next three years if they do not purchase a second-hand car by 31 March this year. In order to allow more car owners to participant in the Scheme, the Hong Kong Vehicle and Transport Concern Group initiated this petition, requesting the Government to relax the restrictions of the Scheme. We will send the petition to Mr Wong Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment and Mr Frank Chan, Secretary for Transport and Housing. Please join the petition by 30 March!