IM Tesla - Hong Kong Supercharger tracking web app

An enterprising Hong Kong Tesla owner, has written a neat web app to crowd-source supercharger availability in Hong Kong.

The app can be saved as a home-screen app and is cross platform (as well as being available on desktop browsers). It shows an overview of the 8 supercharging locations in Hong Kong, distance to each, as well as last reported status (how many charge stalls last seen in use).

With a couple of simple taps, contributors can report how many stalls they see empty when they visit superchargers (presumably once when they arrive, and again when they leave). The writer has even managed to arrange automatic update of status for one of the superchargers (as the mall carpark that it is installed in has that status available online).

Tesla Supercharging in Hong Kong is different than most other countries in that (a) it is for those who can't charge at home/work (not for long distance trips), and (b) the superchargers are primarily inside car parks. Imagine your frustration when you pay to get into a car park, drive up to the superchargers, then find all the stalls occupied and a long line of Teslas queued up waiting. This crowd-sourced app attempts to give some visibility to the supercharger status, before you arrive.

If you want to give it a try, it is here: IM Tesla
and you can use invitation code "Nikola" to get access.