Charged Hong Kong Members' Stories #008 -- Mr. Joe Nguyen

Mr. Joe Nguyen and his Tesla cap
Photo by Linda Nguyen

Singapore's Number 1 Tesla hero Mr. Joe Nguyen is a phenomenal figure at the world's stage. He's a true climate change fighter, sparing no expense in bringing in Singapore's first Tesla Roadster and also Singapore's first Tesla Model S P85. He overcame numerous challenges and paid ridiculous fines. Since then, he has shared his experience in numerous interviews and his story has been circulated around the globe. He was in Hong Kong for the weekend, and he's our guest of Charged Hong Kong Members' Stories #008.

Joe (left) kindly accepted my interview invitation at the New Tesla Model S Unveil Event @Pacific Place Hong Kong
Photo by Linda Nguyen

Here's Part 1 of our interview below:

Here're some photos you should see before you watch Part 2 of our interview:

The infamous 444Wh/km
Photo from Joe
VICOM Technician taking off the bumper
Photo from Joe
VICOM Technician found no tailpipe
Photo from Joe
VICOM Technician not knowing what to do with Model S
Photo from Joe

Here's our Part 2 of the interview:


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