Hong Kong 2017-2018 Budget

​The Hong Kong Government has launched a public consultation for the 2017 Policy Address and 2017-2017 budget. You can find this online:

English: http://www.policyaddress.gov.hk/consultation16/eng/index.html
Chinese: http://www.policyaddress.gov.hk/consultation16/chi/index.html

The single biggest issue affecting Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong is that the First Registration Tax exemption, that was last renewed in 2014, is due to expire on 31st March 2017. That must be renewed, for the continued growth and progress of EVs in Hong Kong. While it has been renewed for the past 20 years, there is no guarantee that will continue.

Members of the public are invited to give their views on the website (www.policyaddress.gov.hk), by email (policyaddressbudget@fstb.gov.hk), by phone (2810 3768) or by fax (2147 5770).

We hope that Charged.HK members can get involved in this process, and provide your feedback to the government. Some suggestions include:

* Renew and continue the FRT exemption for fully electric vehicles (which has worked so well in recent years)
* Provide legislative support for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in home apartment complexes and office car parks
* Dedicate electric vehicle charging spaces in government car parks to electric vehicle charging only
* Continue the expansion of public charging facilities in government car parks
* Subsidies / tax breaks / legislative / regulatory support for buildings to facilitate installation of home charging

Thank you for your help with this

Charged Hong Kong