November 2014 numbers

The Transport Department has released numbers for new car registrations, by fuel type, in November 2014.

September 2014 saw 99 new private electric cars registered, October 166, and November 51. Given the last pre-ModelS, pre-BMWi3 number from June 2014 was 340 private electric cars registered, and the November total of 831, we've seen almost 500 new electric cars on the road (more than doubling the June number) in five months.

In the January to June period of 2014, the ratio of petrol to EV new private car registrations was 468 to 1. Now, June to November, it is 18 to 1.

1 in 19 new private car registrations has a plug. Now that is progress.

We're now holding our breath for the December figures, which should see a big jump due to the end-of-quarter push from Tesla.

Note: These figures exclude government vehicles.

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