Charged Hong Kong Rally 2015

This year's Charged Hong Kong Rally will take place on Sunday November 29th 2015. The route will be approximately 60km and well within the range of most EVs in Hong Kong.

The event will start with a breakfast gathering at Hotel ICON, Tsim Sha Tsui. We've booked the whole green lobby, and arranged a breakfast buffet in that fabulous space. Valet parking is provided, as well as valet charging for those in need of a top-up (but given the number of electric cars attending, please limit this to if you really need it). There will be plenty of time for socialising, and the cars will be on display at the entrance to the hotel (allowing for plenty of photo and video opportunities). The schedule is for this event to start at 9am.

Around 11am, we'll be getting in our cars for the eco-Rally to Science Park. We've planned two parts to this:

  1. Tesla auto-pilot equipped cars can take part in an auto-pilot run on the northern highways (subject to regulatory approval).
  2. A contest will be run, to drive the most economically (consume the least kWh) over the rally route. Winners will be awarded prizes, for each class of electric vehicle.

We plan to arrive at Science Park around 12:30pm. With the kind co-operation of the Science Park, we are arranging an exhibition area in the Grand Plaza. About a dozen Electric Vehicles can be there, in the open, and shown to park visitors. The park is expecting over 1,000 visitors that afternoon. Other vehicles can park in the underground garages (where Science Park have free EV charging and parking). Volunteers will be helping to explain to park visitors the benefits of Electric Vehicles and how they can improve the environment and air quality in Hong Kong.

We will stay at Science Park from 12:30pm until at least 2:30pm. From there, some drivers are intending to drive on through Sai Kung to end with a late tea at Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club. That part of the event is entirely optional, and costs for this will be borne by each participant (we have a few members of the club in our group, so others will be brought in as guests).


* The event is intended to be non-profit. Any proceeds will go to Charged Hong Kong, as a registered charity.

* We are hoping to see a large variety of electric vehicles (and not just Model S). If you can bring another type of electric vehicle to the exhibition, please let us know. By bringing something different, you'll also stand a better to chance to win in the eco-Rally.

* We haven't arranged lunch at Science Park, but there are plenty of places there to eat or take food and picnic. Costs for this will be borne by each participant.

* For the Science Park event, “EV Free Parking Pass” users can enjoy her/his EV to park at the Basement Car
Park of Hong Kong Science Park Phase 2 (“Basement Car Park (P2)”) for a maximum of 10-hour per day (24 hours) based on the entrance time of the EV. This promotion shall be expired on 31 Dec 2015. Redeem at customer service in building 8W or 10W. You can apply for this here.