Shenzhen to use 100% electric buses by end of 2017

Shenzhen’s fleet of buses will be 100 percent electric by the end of 2017. There are already some 14,000 electric buses on the streets of Shenzhen, with only a few hundred diesel-powered stragglers left in commission, which will be phased out over the coming months. Of the three bus companies, Shenzhen Bus Group (SBG) completed the switch this past June (beating the deadline by more than a year), with Shenzhen Eastern Bus Company and Shenzhen Western Bus Company on track to do their part.

And to follow up on this success, Shenzhen is taking on its next challenge: an all-electric taxi fleet; with a goal of 100% electrification of Taxis by 2020.

So what is it that makes Hong Kong so different? Why is it that all we hear are excuses and reasons why we cannot, while Shenzhen's government, transportation companies, and people, just get on and do it?