Tesla Roadster Driver Explains EV Life in Hong Kong

Hong Kong isn’t a big place. Its total area, including Hong Kong Island and the portion on the Mainland, is only 426 square miles. More than half the population of seven million people lives in private housing—though much of it consists of high-rise flats rather than single-family abodes. So it seems like an ideal place to own a plug-in electric vehicle.


But the private home ownership is one of the biggest barriers to expansion of plug-in electric vehicle ownership in Hong Kong, Tesla Roadster owner Mark Webb-Johnson told PluginCars.com. The property developers won’t let owners install charging stations in the parking space that belongs to the flat because it would require using wiring and space that is owned by the building rather than the resident, he said.

For Webb-Johnson, that isn’t an issue, however. He has an ideal setup for owning a plug-in electric vehicle. And, he admits, overall Hong Kong is doing a pretty good job of promoting expanded use of plug-in electric vehicles.

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