Be part of the WAVE!

WAVE 2016

The World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) is a people's movement offering practical environmentally sustainable actions following the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change. Join the 6th WAVE Trophy with your electric vehicle or with your school.

The general idea is to send a climate commitment for each pupil to United Nations and the leaders of the world. On a particular day around early April 2016, the WAVE Hong Kong will send an electric vehicle to your school to pick up the commitments and take them to the nearest port - to be shipped to Bremerhaven, Germany. From there, 100 electric vehicles will transport those cards in a convoy to United Nations in Geneva, creating not only the world's largest card mosaic (a new Guinness World Record), but also sending a strong message from each pupil to the nations of this world. Finally, each pupil will find his card online, when a drone will take a high resolution photograph of the whole mosaic.

We're now trying to setup an organising team for this Wave 2016 in Hong Kong. We need people with a passion for the environment, as well as contacts / experience working with local schools. That can be just one class, one school, or an organisation of schools. The more the better. We only have two months to put this together and get the students to make their commitments before the early April deadline to pick them up and ship them to the UN in Geneva.

Please message us directly with what you can do to help, and we'll add you to the organising team group we are running on WhatsApp.