Paul Zimmerman: "Decision to kill electric cars is stupid"

Paul Zimmerman (District Councillor and CEO of Designing Hong Kong) writes an excellent article summarising the recent budget change on support for Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong:

"Stupid. I have tried to think of another term for the decision to end the first registration tax waiver for electric private cars (EVs), but I can’t. Two factors cause roadside air pollution: Congestion and engine technology. To reduce congestion we need to motivate people with improved public transport and walkability, and by making the use and ownership of cars more expensive with congestion charging (road pricing). To motivate people to change the fuel or power they use, we need to subsidize new technology with tax waivers until the installed base has reached tipping point – or at least 30 per cent of the total vehicle fleet. With electrics now more expensive than regular vehicles, Government made it much more difficult to get there."